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Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers includes jobs like Bush Regenerator, Indoor Plant Technician, Irrigationist, Kelp or Seagrass Gatherer, Seed Collector, and Weed Controller.


  • irrigates land for crop growth
  • collects seeds and cultivates seedlings for replanting purposes
  • plants crops using hand tools and farm machines
  • builds trellises for climbing plants and vines
  • fells and de-barks non-productive crops and thins young plantations
  • sprays plants, crops and pastures with chemicals to control weed growth, insects, fungus growth and diseases
  • operates machinery to cultivate, fertilise, spray and harvest crops
  • selects and harvests crops according to size and ripeness, while discarding rotting and over-ripened produce
  • grades, sorts, bunches and packs produce into containers and loads onto trucks
  • maintains farm, forest and garden roads, buildings, facilities, signs and equipment.


  • physically demanding
  • requires driving
  • working outdoors.

To become a Farm, Forestry and Garden Worker (not covered elsewhere)

  • This group includes jobs that might have different study pathways.

Skills employers are looking for

  • Physical Demand

  • Crop Management

  • Tractor Driving

  • Communication Skills

  • Computer Literacy

  • Well Logging

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