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Paper and Pulp Mill Workers perform routine tasks in paper and pulp mills, such as placing logs onto conveyors for chipping, and loading woodchip and pulp for processing.


  • loads digester with raw materials and chemicals
  • regulates and adjusts the temperature and pressure within the digester
  • tests samples by titration or standard colour test to determine completion of process
  • drains liquid from digester and monitors removal of the cooked pulp
  • takes samples of bleached material for testing
  • washes bleached material and blends to obtain uniform quality
  • may be required to add chemicals during the bleaching process and make chemical or electrolytic tests
  • undertakes the addition of size, fillers, dyes, alum and chemicals, and tests for correct consistency
  • ensures transfer of completed batch to storage tanks where it is kept under agitation to maintain consistency
  • may mix and cook colouring matter for dyeing product in the machine
  • controls flow of wet pulp through rotary screens to paper making machines
  • operates drier and calendar rollers
  • operates supercalendar to impart gloss and finish to surface of paper
  • operates machine to glaze or impregnate paper with coating mixture
  • separates sheets from felts and lays sheets in packs, re-presses packs
  • separates sheets from pack and dries.


  • physically demanding.

To become a Paper and Pulp Mill Worker

  • You can work as a Paper and Pulp Mill Worker without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. A certificate II or III in pulping or papermaking operations might be helpful.

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