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$908 per week


Packers weigh, wrap, seal and label fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other food products. They also check the produce for weight, size and number.

Work is either at a warehouse or packhouse. Shift work and extra hours during the harvest season can be expected. Seasonal travel to follow the harvests is common.

Suits people who are reliable, hard-working and good at working in a team.


  • weigh and measure produce according to market requirements
  • assemble packaging and crates
  • wrap or seal protective material around products and attach pre-printed labels
  • check the quality of produce then pack them in containers, cartons and bags
  • record information such as numbers, weight, times and dates
  • monitor the filling of containers and adjust machines to maintain volume and seal quality
  • follow food, health and safety regulations
  • check the cleanliness and operation of machines, equipment and containers
  • may have to stack crates using forklifts.

To become a Packer

Skills employers are looking for

  • Operating Scanning Equipment

  • Forklift Operation

  • Communication Skills

  • Packaging

  • Transportation Logistics

  • Team Work/ Collaboration

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