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Structural Steel Erectors erect and dismantle structural steel frames of buildings and other structures.


  • erects lifting tackles by attaching pulleys and blocks to fixed overhead structures, and installs cables and attaches counterweights
  • attaches slinging gear to hoist equipment and objects to be moved using clamps, hooks, bolts and knots
  • fits and bolts tubes, support braces and components to form bases and build up scaffolding
  • lifts and positions sections of scaffolding
  • measures, cuts, bends and fits welded wire mesh into concrete areas to be mesh-reinforced
  • fixes mesh and reinforced steel into position in formwork for concrete pours
  • sets up winches and rigging equipment to raise and position girders, plates, columns and other steel units
  • erects guard rails, guy wires, ropes and clears, lays planks and hangs safety nets.


  • physically demanding
  • working outdoors.

To become a Structural Steel Erector

  • You can work as a Structural Steel Erector without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. A certificate II or III in steelfixing or rigging might be helpful.

    Take a Certificate III in Steelfixing

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