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Scaffolders erect and dismantle scaffolding to provide work platforms on building and industrial sites, and for temporary structures such as staging and seating.


  • fits and bolts tubes, support braces and components to form bases and build up scaffolding
  • lifts and positions sections of scaffolding
  • erects guard rails, guy wires, ropes and clamps, laying planks and hanging safety nets
  • dismantles and removes scaffolding from building sites.


  • physically demanding
  • working outdoors.

To become a Scaffolder

  • You can work as a Scaffolder without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. A certificate III in scaffolding might be helpful.

    Take a Certificate III in Steelfixing

Skills employers are looking for

  • Forklift Operation

  • Communication Skills

  • Teamwork / Collaboration

  • First Aid

  • Workplace Health and Safety

  • Welding

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