Concreter smoothing freshly poured concrete into a smooth finished surface


Pour, spread, smooth and finish concrete for construction projects.


Concreters mix, pour, spread, finish, reinforce and cut concrete for structures such as floors, stairs, bridges, buildings ramps and footpaths.

Concreters work on construction sites, usually outside. They usually work normal business hours but can also work early mornings, evenings or weekends.

Suits those who are hardworking, physically fit and able to work independently. An interest in building and engineering is useful.


  • interpret building plans or drawings
  • weigh and mix concrete materials (gravel, sand, cement and water)
  • pour, spread, compact, smooth and polish concrete, by hand or machine
  • construct concrete form work and lay steel reinforcing
  • drive heavy vehicles such as concrete trucks
  • operate trowelling machines to float, trowel and polish concrete surfaces
  • form expansion joints and edges using edging tools, jointers and straight edges
  • install fixtures in concrete such as anchor bolts, steel plates and door sills
  • cut lines in concrete using power cutters
  • decorate poured concrete with colouring powders and other materials.


  • physically demanding
  • requires driving
  • working outdoors.

Occupation snapshot
$2,100 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

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