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Laundry Workers (General) sort, clean, iron, fold and package linen, clothing and other garments in a commercial laundry.


  • sorts articles for cleaning according to type, colour, fabric and cleaning treatment required
  • places sorted articles into receptacles and onto conveyor belts for moving to repair and cleaning areas
  • checks for and removes stains from garments, and makes minor repairs such as replacing buttons
  • loads and unloads washing machines, driers and extractors
  • adds cleaning agents and starches to articles
  • smoothes articles and guides them through cleaning and pressing machines
  • stops and starts machines to untangle, straighten and remove articles
  • irons and presses clean articles
  • places articles on shelves or on hangers for delivery or collection
  • packages articles and prepares orders for dispatch.


  • physically demanding.

To become a Laundry Worker (General)

  • You can work as a Laundry Worker (General) without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. A certificate II or III in laundry operations might be helpful.

    Take a Certificate II in Laundry Operations

Skills employers are looking for

  • Laundry

  • Communication Skills

  • Sorting

  • Ironing

  • Teamwork / Collaboration

  • Organisational Skills

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