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Other Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators includes jobs like Brake Lining Maker, Fibre Cement Moulder, Plaster Caster, and Plaster Machine Operator.


  • monitoring the flow of raw materials and products into machines, adjusting valves and controls to specifications
  • positioning materials on machines to be cut and worked
  • operates mixing, stacking and splitting machines
  • sets up and installs moulds and other machine fixtures
  • sets up and operates machines to produce molten glass, and regulating temperature of molten glass
  • presses and/or pours materials into moulds to form products
  • collects and examines samples for conformity to specifications and adjust machine settings accordingly
  • sets grinds and cuts edges
  • uses hand tools to cut, inscribe and polish.


  • physically demanding.

To become an Other Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operator

  • You can work as an Other Clay, Concrete, Glass or Stone Processing Machine Operator without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided. A certificate II in manufactured mineral products might be helpful.

    Take a Certificate III in Manufactured Mineral Products

Skills employers are looking for

  • Extrusion

  • Forklift Operation

  • Machinery Operation

  • Communication Skills

  • Quality Assurance and Control

  • Troubleshooting

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