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Business Brokers operate as independent agents in the buying and selling of businesses.


  • accepts and lists businesses for sale and analyses their performance and market value
  • provides advice to buyers on the merits of businesses and the terms of sale
  • advises vendors of sales and marketing options such as sale by auction
  • catalogues and details businesses for sale and arranges advertising
  • assesses buyers' needs and locates businesses for their consideration
  • offers valuations and advice for buying and selling businesses and structures the terms of settlement
  • monitors and addresses non-compliance with terms and conditions of the sale
  • may arrange finance, land brokerage, conveyancing and maintenance of business premises.


  • requires driving
  • stressful.

To become a Business Broker

  • You usually need a certificate III or diploma in real estate practice or property services to work as a Business Broker. Some Business Brokers have university qualifications in related areas such as business, management ad accounting.

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