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$1,419 per week


Sales representatives promote, market and sell products or services to businesses, wholesale or retail outlets.

Work is in an office environment, with regular travel to meet clients and prospective clients.

Suitable for responsible, confident people with good communication skills.


  • promote and sell goods and services; quote prices and credit terms
  • maintain knowledge of employer and competitor goods and services and prices
  • visit businesses or retailers to demonstrate products and take orders for sales
  • use directories and other sources to compile lists of prospective business clients
  • organise delivery and installation of products sold
  • monitor client needs and communicate to resolve any problems
  • monitor competitor offerings and report on this to management
  • prepare sales reports
  • develop sales ideas to attract more clients.


  • requires driving.

To become a Sales Representative

Skills employers are looking for

  • Sales

  • Communication Skills

  • Building Relationships

  • Business Development

  • Business Management

  • Sales Management

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