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$1,405 per week


Auctioneers, and Stock and Station Agents sell property at auction, and advise and represent farmers in business transactions such as buying and selling livestock, rural property, and goods and services.


  • appraising and listing property for auction
  • organising advertising, catalogues and other publicity for auctions
  • consulting vendors and setting reserve prices
  • describing property presented and the conditions of sale
  • asking for or setting opening bids and determining reserve prices
  • accepting bids from potential buyers and closing sales to the highest bidders
  • purchasing and selling livestock and rural property on behalf of clients
  • selling agricultural supplies, such as seed, grains, feed, sprays, dips, drenches and veterinary products, in accordance with statutory requirements
  • acting as an insurance agent for rural clients.


  • requires driving
  • stressful.

To become an Auctioneer, and Stock and Station Agent

  • You can work as an Auctioneer, Stock or Station Agent without formal qualifications, however, a certificate III or IV in property services, real estate or another related field may be useful.

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Skills employers are looking for

  • Building Relationships

  • Sales

  • Real Estate Experience

  • Customer Service

  • Computer Literacy

  • Negotiation Skills

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