Young female human resources clerk works on her computer while taking a phone call

Human Resource Clerk

Maintain and update personnel records for an organisation.


Human resources clerks maintain and update personnel records including data on employee leave, salaries, superannuation and taxation. Information on staff transfers, promotions, qualifications and training are also maintained.

Work is in an office or corporate setting.

Suits organised people with computing and clerical skills.


  • update information on staff leave, employment history, salaries, superannuation and taxation, qualifications and training
  • create and verify records for new staff members
  • process applications for employment and promotions and advise applicants of results
  • answer inquiries about employment entitlements and conditions
  • send out notices of available jobs and job assessments
  • issue job application forms
  • store and retrieve personnel records and files on request.

Occupation snapshot
$1,230 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

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