Female payroll officer calculates wages from a timesheet

Payroll Clerk

Arrange the payment of salaries and wages to employees of an organisation.


Payroll clerks prepare payrolls to pay staff and keep records of employee salaries for statutory record-keeping purposes.

Work is in an office on the premises of their organisation.

Suits those who can have strong attention to detail, communicate clearly with others and have sound computer skills. Basic skills in mathematics and accounting are important.


  • create and maintain payroll files for employees
  • prepare payroll data from time sheets and other records
  • make sure employees are paid correctly and on time
  • record any adjustments to employee pay
  • understand industrial awards
  • provide information to employees and managers regarding tax issues, benefits and deductions
  • finalise files and pay arrangements when employees retire, resign or transfer
  • maintain superannuation and other deduction and contribution records
  • monitor compliance with the law and specific regulations.

Occupation snapshot
$1,442 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

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