Male Basketball Coach gives instructions to basketball team in red jerseys on the court

Sports Coach, Instructor and Official

Coach and instruct athletes; officiate at sporting events.


Sports coaches, instructors and officials train sporting individuals and teams, and officiate at sporting events.

Work is at indoor sports facilities such as sport centres and gyms, or outdoors on playing fields. Working early morning, evening and weekend hours and through all kinds of weather can be expected.

National or international travel to sports events and competitions may be required.

Suited to people with an interest in sports science who are reliable, caring and good at motivating individuals and teams.


  • analyse sporting performances and coach teams and individuals to develop their skills
  • plan and direct game strategies and analyse game progress
  • motivate athletes and supervise practice sessions
  • recruit players and other coaching staff
  • encourage young people to take part in sport
  • officiate at sporting events to enforce rules
  • referee and keep time for sports competitions or games
  • arrange sporting competitions; award points and trophies
  • look after equipment and ensure players use it correctly.


  • physically demanding
  • working outdoors.

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