Fitness instructor leads an exercise class of people doing squats exercises in a gymnasium

Fitness Instructor

Work with clients to improve their physical fitness and wellbeing.


Fitness instructors design and lead activities and exercises for groups or individuals to build physical fitness, influence body shape and improve overall health.

Work is in gyms or sports centres, outdoors in parks or public spaces and at client homes.

Suits people who can communicate well and motivate others. An interest in health science, especially relating to muscular growth, weight loss and nutrition is important.


  • design and deliver fitness programs for groups and individuals
  • tailor fitness programs for specific clients according to age, level of fitness, goals and abilities
  • teach body movements and skills used in fitness routines in a safe way in a safe environment
  • set up and monitor fitness equipment; advise on the use of fitness equipment
  • ensure clients are aware of and adhere to safety and injury prevention procedures
  • report accidents and prepare incident reports
  • ensure working practices and procedures conform to current health and safety standards
  • maintain current first aid certificates.


  • irregular hours
  • physically demanding.

Occupation snapshot
$1,126 / week
Very strong
Apprenticeships may be available

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