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Body Artists decorate, adorn or modify the human body by using a range of techniques such as tattooing, piercing, cutting, branding, manipulating, stretching, and scarring the skin.


  • explains tattooing procedure to client
  • ensures client is certain about wanting a tattoo
  • helps the client chose an image, interprets the client's ideas to form a suitable image, copy or design image for the client, resizes image to fit the body part it is going on and makes a stencil of the image
  • shaves the area being tattooed and applies disinfectant to the skin
  • puts the stencil on the skin to ensure it fits with the body part
  • solders the group of needles onto the needle bar
  • draws the outline, colouring and shadowing of the tattoo with inked needles
  • applies cream and antiseptic covers to the finished tattoo
  • tells clients how to properly care for the tattoo
  • ensures all sterilisation equipment is kept in good working order
  • ensures the studio and equipment meets with sterilisation, waste management and health and safety standards
  • trains people.

To become a Body Artist

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Infection Control

  • Common Object Model

  • Adobe Freehand

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