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Defence Force Members - Other Ranks provide specialised military services to the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces.


  • guarding airfields and other defence force bases
  • serving as an infantry soldier
  • erecting bridges, building field defences, constructing temporary roads, clearing minefields, repairing airfields and demolishing targets using explosives
  • crewing armoured fighting vehicles
  • operating artillery, ground and surface-based defence systems, shipboard weapons and other advanced specialist military weapons and equipment
  • providing firepower and ground-based air defence
  • establishing and maintaining command, control and communications equipment and facilities
  • conducting surveillance, reconnaissance and boarding operations
  • maintaining personal arms and ammunition.


  • physically demanding
  • requires driving.

To become a Defence Force Members - Other Rank

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • First Aid

  • Emergency Services

  • Life Support

  • Public Health And Safety

  • Fire Trucks

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