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Dental Technicians construct and repair dentures and other dental appliances.


  • dental technicians work from a mould of a client's mouth made by a dentist or a clinical dental technician, and custom-make a wide range of appliances for the mouth, including: removable partial dentures
  • crowns (covers for broken or damaged teeth)
  • dentures
  • removable orthodontic appliances (plates with wires to straighten teeth)
  • mouthguards
  • splints for broken or cracked jawbones
  • anti-snoring devices
  • teeth whitening trays. clinical dental technicians: assess oral tissue
  • recognise abnormal conditions of the mouth
  • take impressions of teeth
  • make partial dentures, full dentures and other oral devices
  • reline dentures that are ill-fitting.

To become a Dental Technician

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Dental Technology

  • Prosthetic

  • Dentistry

  • Dental Assistance

  • Treatment Preparation

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