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Shipwrights construct, fit out and repair ships.


  • studies plans and specifications, and prepares templates and scale plans for fabrication and cutting of hull sections
  • marks reference points and lines on dry docks and slipways
  • checks position and functioning of slipway apparatus
  • assembles shells of boats and erecting hull sections of ship
  • erects and prepares launching platforms, conducting pre-launch tests and supervising launching procedures
  • installs masts, frames, decking, fittings, machines, shafts and safety equipment
  • builds and installs structures such as cabins, machine mountings, propeller supports and rudders
  • determines repair requirements and procedures
  • may make hull moulds and fabricate and repair vessels using materials such as aluminium, wood, glass, reinforced plastics, carbon fibre, kevlar, fibreglass and concrete.


  • physically demanding
  • working outdoors.

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