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Kennel Hands provide routine care for dogs, including feeding, exercising, monitoring their health, and cleaning kennels.


  • bathes, cuts, combs, blow-dry's and styles pets' coats, clips their nails and cleans their ears
  • inspects, prepares, cleans, disinfects and maintains comfortable cages and enclosures
  • transports food, fills water troughs and feeds animals according to their individual needs
  • maintains animal health records, treats minor injuries and reports serious conditions to veterinarians
  • exercises and plays with animals, answers visitor questions and transfers animals between enclosures by leading or carrying them
  • dusts and sprays insecticides on animals and immerses them in insecticide baths to control insect pests.


  • physically demanding
  • stressful
  • working outdoors.

To become a Kennel Hand

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