A vehilce painter resprays a car door

Vehicle Painter

Prepare vehicles for painting, paint the surfaces of a vehicle when manufactured, for repairs or enhancement.


Vehicle painters prepare surfaces of vehicles, match and mix colours and apply paint to create a professional finish. They may paint new or damaged cars or apply designs or signs.

The work is usually in garages or vehicle repair workshops. The working environment may be noisy and polluted; protective gear may be needed.

Suits reliable people who have an interest in cars and good attention to detail.


  • remove rough spots on vehicle panels and sand all surfaces to be painted
  • mask the areas not to be painted with tape and paper
  • mixing paints to match paint shades or select pre-mixed paint
  • apply primer and finishing coats using spray-guns
  • touch up paintwork and apply polish and wax to vehicles once finished
  • paint signs and artwork on vehicles
  • treat vehicles with rust-proofing chemicals.

Occupation snapshot
$1,406 / week
Apprenticeships may be available

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