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Engineering Patternmakers construct full-size engineering models usually made out of timber, which are used in manufacturing to produce metal castings, copy models, vacuum form tooling and tooling for the automotive, aircraft or fibreglass industries.


  • studies, drawings and specifications to determine dimensions and tolerances of articles to be manufactured and models to be constructed
  • measures and marks out metal stock and castings using various gauges
  • shapes metal and wood stock using machine tools
  • checks accuracy of manufactured articles and finished patterns to fine tolerances, using precision measuring instruments
  • tests and modifies manufactured articles
  • applies protective finishes to patterns and paints pattern sections to indicate method of assembly
  • assembles pattern sections and shapes work pieces to specified finish
  • pours and spreads materials into moulds and over models of patterns, and builds laminations of fibreglass cloth and plastic resin to fabricate patterns
  • repairs broken and damaged patterns and corrects patterns to compensate for defects in casting
  • constructs templates for layout and inspection.

To become an Engineering Patternmaker

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