Female draftsperson working at home with building plans.

Architectural Draftsperson

Prepare drawings and plans that precisely communicate the concepts of an architect.


An architectural draftsperson prepares preliminary sketches, working drawings and detailed specifications for an architect. They liaise with builders and contractors to create and update plans, maps, charts and drawings for building projects.

Work is generally in the office of architectural studios or construction firms, with site visits required.

Suitable for people with strong critical-thinking skills and an interest in technical design, engineering and construction. The ability to use architectural communication software is essential.


  • work with clients and other stakeholders to understand the architectural brief
  • prepare plans, preliminary sketches, working drawings and detailed specifications
  • assist construction managers, architects and surveyors
  • estimate material costs
  • interprets plans, regulations and codes of practice
  • co-ordinates work programs.

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Apprenticeships may be available

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