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Drug and Alcohol Counsellors provide support and treatment for people with drug and alcohol dependency problems, develop strategies which assist them to set goals and affect and maintain change, and provide community education. They may work in call centres.


  • assesses client needs in relation to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse
  • conducts counselling interviews with individuals, couples and family groups
  • assists people in the understanding and adjustment of attitudes, expectations and behaviour
  • presents alternative approaches and discusses potential for attitude and behavioural change
  • consults with clients to develop rehabilitation plans taking account of vocational and social needs
  • may work in a call centre.


  • stressful.

To become a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

Skills employers are looking for

  • Working With Patient And/Or Condition: Mental Health

  • Communication Skills

  • Psychology

  • Case Management

  • Treatment Planning

  • Health Promotion Programmes

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