Mature male counsellor interacts with a male client during a one-to-one therapy session.


Help people create positive change in their lives through understanding and managing their feelings and responses.


Counsellors work with people to help them to identify and define their emotional issues through various therapies and affect positive change.

Work is in offices and counselling rooms or at schools; travel to hospitals, prisons or client homes can be expected.

Suitable for compassionate people with strong communication skills. An interest in psychology and the wellbeing of others is important.


  • encourage clients to discuss what is happening in their lives and express feelings
  • listen and respond to clients; research ways to deal with specific problems
  • help clients understand themselves, their needs and how to meet them
  • discuss changes that clients could make and support clients to make those changes
  • work with clients on career, study and employment options
  • provide information and resources to assist clients
  • assess client needs in relation to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse
  • work with clients to develop rehabilitation plans
  • advise parents and teachers on the learning and behaviour of students.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
$1,584 / week
Very strong

To become a Counsellor



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