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Judicial and Other Legal Professionals (not covered elsewhere) includes jobs like Family Court Registrar, Family Law Mediator, Judicial Registrar, Legal Researcher, Legal Officer, and Parliamentary Counsel.


  • researches statutes and previous court decisions relevant to cases
  • decides penalties and sentences within statutory limits, such as fines, bonds and detention, awards damages in civil matters, and issues court orders
  • advises government of legal, constitutional and parliamentary matters and drafts bills and attends committee meetings during consideration of bills
  • advises agents on legal and technical matters.

To become a Judicial and Other Legal Professional (not covered elsewhere)

  • This group includes jobs that might have different study pathways.

    Find a Bachelor of Laws

  • Registration or licencing may be required.

Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Litigation

  • Research

  • Legal Support

  • Legal Documentation

  • Building Relationships

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