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ICT Support Engineers develop support procedures and strategies for systems, networks, operating systems and applications development, solve problems and provide technical expertise and direction in support of system infrastructure and process improvements, and diagnose and resolve complex system problems.


  • assists in troubleshooting, diagnosing, testing and resolving system problems and issues
  • develops, conducts and provides technical guidance and training in application software and operational procedures
  • analyses, evaluates and diagnoses technical problems and issues such as installation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and configuration and troubleshooting of desktops, software, hardware, printers, internet, email, databases, operating systems and security systems.


  • stressful.

To become an ICT Support Engineer

  • You usually need a bachelor or postgraduate degree in a related information technology field (such as computer science or software engineering) to work as an ICT Support Engineer. Training may also be available through Vocational Education and Training (VET). There are also a wide range of vendor and industry certifications available that may substitute for formal qualifications and can be highly regarded by employers.

    Take a Certificate IV in Information Technology Support

    Find a Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Interested in developing your digital skills? Try one of 2000 free online courses at

    SkillFinder is a project funded by the Australian Government, through the Digital Skills Platform Program.

Skills employers are looking for

  • Technical Support

  • Application Support

  • Communication Skills

  • Troubleshooting

  • SQL

  • Problem Solving

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