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Nurse Educators and Researchers provide clinical and theoretical education to and promote professional development of nurses and midwives, and conduct research into nursing practice.


  • researching, planning, developing and implementing nursing curricula
  • facilitating practical experience for general and specialist nurses
  • evaluating ongoing and changing educational needs and monitoring course outcomes
  • participating in developing and implementing policies affecting nursing, nurse education and health
  • undertaking and promoting nursing and interdisciplinary research projects, and disseminating research information
  • promoting utilisation of current research findings into clinical nursing practice and patient management
  • promoting the implementation of research and research findings into organisation-wide functions such as safety, quality and risk management
  • providing support and education for other nurses undertaking research.


  • stressful.

To become a Nurse Educator and Researcher

  • You usually need a bachelor degree in nursing or a relevant health field and extensive nursing experience to work as a Nurse Educator or Researcher. It is also common to complete postgraduate studies.

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Skills employers are looking for

  • Communication Skills

  • Midwifery

  • Research

  • Lecturing

  • Organisational Skills

  • Team Work/ Collaboration

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