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Psychiatrists diagnose, assess, treat and prevent human mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Psychiatric Registrars training as Psychiatrists are included here.


  • assessing patients' mental and physical status to determine the nature and extent of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders
  • assessing patients' medical, psychiatric and psychological histories
  • examining patients to determine general physical condition
  • ordering laboratory tests, imaging, neuropsychological tests and other diagnostic procedures
  • examining the results of tests and examinations to determine the most appropriate forms of treatment
  • prescribing and administering medication, psychotherapy, and other physical treatments and rehabilitation programs
  • arranging admission to hospitals and providing in-patient treatment
  • consulting, supervising and working with other Medical Practitioners and Health Professionals
  • determining whether patients require involuntary treatment in accordance with relevant mental health acts
  • assisting courts and other statutory bodies in managing patients in legal and forensic settings
  • teaching medical students and registrars, and assessing their progress by administering tests.


  • stressful.

To become a Psychiatrist

  • You need to be a qualified Medical Practitioner and then complete further training with the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists before you can specialise as a Psychiatrist.

    Find a Bachelor of Medicine

  • Registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is required.

Skills employers are looking for

  • Mental Health Management

  • Research

  • Communication Skills

  • Adult Psychiatry

  • Clinical Leadership

  • Patient Care

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