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Occupational therapists assess and assist people whose ability to perform every day or work activities is limited. They work directly with clients and design therapy programs to help build their skills and abilities.

Work settings are diverse, and may include hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, workplaces and schools. Travel to client homes is often a requirement.

Suitable for caring people with good problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate well with people of all ages and abilities.


  • assess client developmental and physical capabilities using observation and standardised tests
  • plan and provide therapy to help clients gain or regain skills
  • advise on adaptations and improvements to lifestyle or home/work environments
  • observe and report on client progress
  • provide advice to the client's family members, carers, employers and teachers
  • suggest adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs and splints
  • work with other health professionals in the overall case management of clients
  • maintain professional relationships in accordance with legislative requirements.

To become an Occupational Therapist

Skills employers are looking for

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Communication Skills

  • Rehabilitation

  • Mental Health Management

  • Case Management

  • Time Management

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