A Vocational Education Teacher works with student chefs on their knife technique

Vocational Education Teacher

Teach practical, technical and task-oriented subjects to tertiary students.


Vocational education teachers teach practical and work oriented courses to students within the vocational education and training (VET) system.

Teaching takes place within classrooms and laboratories at institutes, polytechnics and other tertiary training institutes. Travel to workshops and sites related to the course work may be required.

Suited for those who can communicate and connect with others, have a good command of the English language and good organisation skills.


  • identify the various needs of students and create effective learning programs
  • present lessons, workshops and tutorials according to the set curriculum
  • create lesson plans and develop teaching aids
  • advise students on courses; help and supervise students with their research
  • mark student assignments, papers, exams and practical tests
  • provide feedback to students about their progress
  • attend departmental and staff meetings
  • consult with education managers, librarians, student counsellors and other support staff.


  • physically demanding.

Occupation snapshot
$1,790 / week

To become a Vocational Education Teacher



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