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Special Needs Teachers teach academic and living skills to primary, middle or intermediate, and secondary school students with particular learning difficulties using various techniques.


  • assess students' abilities and limitations
  • plans, organises and implements special programmes to provide remedial or advanced tuition
  • administers various forms of assessment and interprets the results
  • teaches basic academic subjects, and practical and self-help skills to children with special needs
  • devises instructional materials, methods and aids to assist in training and rehabilitation
  • advises, instructs and counsels parents and teachers on the availability and use of special techniques
  • stimulates and develops interests, abilities, manual skills and co-ordination
  • confers with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons for special needs students
  • prepares and maintains student data and other records and submits reports.


  • stressful.

To become a Special Needs Teacher

  • You need a bachelor degree in education majoring in special education to work as a Special Needs Teacher. Qualified teachers may complete postgraduate qualifications to specialise as a Special Needs Teacher.

    Find a Bachelor of Education with Special Education

  • Registration or licencing is required.

Skills employers are looking for

  • Teaching

  • Educating Special Needs Children

  • Communication Skills

  • Autism Diagnosis / Treatment / Care

  • Building Relationships

  • Planning

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