A medical laboratory scientist looks at blood samples ready for analysis

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Conduct medical laboratory tests to help diagnose, treat and cure diseases.


Medical laboratory scientists carry out and perform tests on blood, tissues and other samples taken from patients to prevent and treat diseases.

Work is usually undertaken in a laboratory environment.

Suits people with attention to detail who can communicate technical information clearly and work well in a team. The ability to interpret results from experiments and identify trends in data is essential.


  • prepare blood, fluid and tissue samples for microscopic examination
  • analyse samples to study, diagnose and treat diseases
  • evaluate test results and communicate these to medical practitioners
  • establish the steps and rules of laboratory medical testing
  • operate and maintain laboratory equipment
  • ensure laboratory quality assurance and safety standards are met
  • prepare scientific papers and reports
  • supervise and teach other staff such as medical laboratory technicians
  • develop new methods, and apply the latest improvements in technology, for laboratory testing.

Occupation snapshot
$1,871 / week

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