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Aeronautical Engineers perform and supervise engineering work concerned with the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and modification of aircraft for flight.


  • designs aircraft, componentry and support equipment
  • consults with aero-engine specialists to co-ordinate design of aircraft
  • carries out surveys of airframes and equipment and checks for structural faults using laboratory or flight conditions
  • ensures that aircraft are capable of meeting operational conditions by examining characteristics and evaluating flight tests.

To become an Aeronautical Engineer

  • You need a bachelor degree in engineering majoring in aeronautical or aerospace engineering to work as an Aeronautical Engineer. It is also common to complete postgraduate studies.

    Find a Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical)

  • Registration may be required in some states and territories. In addition, Engineers Australia has a non-compulsory National Engineering Register.

Skills employers are looking for

  • Avionics

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Engineering Management

  • Planning

  • Systems Engineering

  • Communication Skills

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