Two Chemical Engineers review the chemical process in a manufacturing facility

Chemical Engineer

Provide staffing and personnel administration services to support an organisation's human resource policies and programs.


Human resources advisors supervise staffing activities in an organisation. Responsibilities include recruitment and selection, health, safety and well-being, performance management and remuneration, learning and development, employment relations and policy development.

Work is usually in an office with occasional travel for meetings, conferences and workshops.

Suits people with excellent written and verbal communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills. Knowledge of administration and management, personnel and human resources, as well as government industrial regulations is essential.


  • develop human resource strategies covering recruitment, remuneration, learning and development, change management and legislative compliance
  • advertise job vacancies, interview applicants, and assist in the selection of staff
  • maintain personnel records and associated human resource information systems
  • develop workplace relations policies and procedures and performance management systems
  • provide advice on employment relations matters, including disputes
  • negotiate with staff on terms and conditions of employment
  • work with staff to resolve disputes, grievances and personal or work-related problems
  • formulate enterprise agreements or collective contracts and work to implement them.

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