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Helicopter Pilots fly helicopters to transport passengers, mail or freight, or provide agricultural, aviation or aerial surveillance services.


  • prepares and submits flight plans giving consideration to factors such as weather conditions and aircraft performance
  • flies aircraft in accordance with established air traffic control and aircraft operating procedures
  • provides flight information for flight crews and air traffic services staff
  • completes cockpit preparations and external inspections to determine that aircraft are acceptable for flight
  • monitors aircraft performance and reports on mechanical condition.


  • stressful
  • working outdoors.

To become a Helicopter Pilot

  • You need to pass practical and theoretical exams to qualify for your helicopter pilot licence before you can work as a Helicopter Pilot. The Civil Aviation Authority issues pilot licences. Flight training is available through private flying schools. Completing a formal qualification through either Vocational Education and Training (VET) or university may improve your chances of getting a job as a Helicopter Pilot. You can also train to become a helicopter pilot with the Australian Defence Force.

    Take a Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence)

  • Registration with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is required.

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