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Sales Representatives (Industrial Products) represent companies in selling a range of specialised chemicals, machines, manufacturing materials and other industrial supplies.


  • compiles lists of prospective client businesses using directories and other sources
  • acquires and updates knowledge of employers' and competitors' goods and services, and market conditions
  • visits regular and prospective client businesses to establish and act on selling opportunities
  • assesses customers' needs, as well as recommends and explains goods and services to them
  • monitors customers' changing needs and competitor activity, and reports these developments to sales management
  • quotes and negotiates prices and credit terms, and completes contracts and records orders
  • arranges delivery of goods, installation of equipment and the provision of services
  • reports to sales management on sales made and the marketability of goods and services
  • follows up with clients to ensure satisfaction with goods and services purchased, and resolves any problems that arise
  • prepares sales reports and maintains and submits records of business expenses incurred.


  • requires driving
  • stressful.

To become a Sales Representative (Industrial Products)

  • You usually need relevant industry experience to work as a Sales Representative (Industrial Products). While formal qualifications aren't essential, a Vocational Education and Training (VET) or university course in business sales or engineering and related technologies may be useful.

    Take a Certificate IV in Business Sales

Skills employers are looking for

  • Sales

  • Sales Engineering

  • Building Relationships

  • Communication Skills

  • Business Development

  • Technical Sales

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