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Statisticians apply expertise in statistical analysis techniques to produce statistical reports and analyses for government, commercial and other purposes. They oversee the design of studies and data collection activities then provide their data analysis to their organisation as the basis for future decision making.

Work is in the office of a large organisation or government department.

Suited for people who are comfortable working with numbers and formulas, who have close attention to detail and excellent critical thinking skills. Expertise in mathematics and data visualisation are important.


  • formulate statistical models that describe or capture a real world issue
  • apply statistical models to experimental observations.
  • develop algorithms and perform computations.
  • work with management and clients to determine the subject or area to be surveyed or examined.
  • decide on the data to be collected, and the methodology and specific statistical analysis to be performed.
  • interpret data and create tables or visualisations to communicate trends and patterns.

To become a Statistician

Skills employers are looking for

  • Data Analysis

  • SQL

  • Communication Skills

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Research

  • SAS

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