A Training and Development Professional delivers a training session to a group of professionals

Training and Development Professional

Plan, develop and implement training programs for management and staff.


Training and development professionals develop and deliver training programs so that staff within an organisation can gain extra work-related skills and develop their careers.

Work is at company sites and offices or training venues such as conference centres.

Suits people with good communication skills and an interest in learning. The ability to motivate people of all ages and skill levels is helpful.


  • identify the training needs and requirements of individuals and organisations
  • develop training material such as handbooks, multimedia and eLearning resources
  • evaluate and monitor staff learning outcomes
  • co-ordinate and schedule training workshops and programs
  • review and modify training objectives and course deliverables
  • promote and market internal and external training and development
  • keep up to date records and documents
  • work with management to make sure training is appropriate and suitable
  • provide career counselling for employees.

Occupation snapshot
$1,742 / week

To become a Training and Development Professional



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