Female Financial Dealer tracking and trading stocks using laptop and desktop computer

Financial Dealer

Conduct financial market transactions (buy, sell and trade) on behalf of clients.


Financial dealers offer advice and provide information to clients about various financial markets and products. They then buy, sell or trade on their client's behalf.

Work is usually in offices with possible travel to meet clients or to bid at a stock exchange or trading floor.

Suited for those with excellent critical and systems thinking skills. Knowledge of economics, accounting, commodities, stocks, shares and financial markets is required.


  • obtain information on securities, market conditions and government regulations
  • research the financial circumstances of clients
  • interpret data from securities reports, financial periodicals and stock-quotation viewer screens
  • provide information and offer advice on financial market conditions and the history and prospects of corporations
  • buy or sell commodities in the marketplace on behalf of clients
  • relay trade information to clients and act on instructions
  • monitor futures prices and market changes, and bid for commodity futures contracts
  • calculate and keep records of costs of transactions.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
$2,298 / week

To become a Financial Dealer



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