Two external auditors review a company's financial report

External Auditor

Examine and report on the financial records and systems of organisations to ensure they meet external financial reporting requirements.


External auditors design and operate information and reporting systems, procedures and controls to ensure external financial reporting requirements are satisfied by an organisation.

The work is usually in offices but there may be travel locally or internationally to examine clients' businesses.

Suited to people with strong attention to detail, organisation skills and who can work independently. Knowledge of economics, accounting, computers, electronics, government regulations and compliance codes are required.


  • identify, manage and report on financial risk
  • assist with equity management, debt management, securities and taxation planning issues
  • analyse and interpret information on the financial standing, cost structures and trading effectiveness of an organisation
  • set up or reorganise accounting systems such as computer-based systems
  • conduct audits and investigations
  • prepare financial statements and reports for management, shareholders, and governing and statutory bodies
  • evaluates the cost effectiveness and risks of operational processes, activities, policies and systems
  • set up audit objective, and implement audit methodologies, processes and reporting criteria.


  • stressful.

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