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Corporate treasurers oversee the funding, risk, profits and budgets associated with the development and operation of an organisation. They may be involved in acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures.

Work is at organisation offices, with possible travel to meet clients or stakeholders.

Suited for people who are comfortable working with numbers, who have close attention to detail and excellent organisational skills. Knowledge and skills in accounting, administration, statistics and mathematics are important.


  • control accounts and treasury systems
  • establish and review risk management objectives and treasury policies
  • identify, manage and report on any financial risks
  • assist with equity management, debt management, securities and taxation planning issues
  • analyse and interpret information on the financial standing, cost structures and trading effectiveness of organisations.

To become a Corporate Treasurer

Skills employers are looking for

  • Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Communication Skills

  • Building Relationships

  • Project Management

  • Asset Management

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