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Film and video editors assemble audio, graphics, video and text into a finished product for films, television programs, video productions or commercials.

Work is in editing suites, TV and film studios, libraries, film archives, or government or private production company offices.

Suits creative people who have a strong visual imagination and the ability to interpret scripts and the directions of producers and directors. Skills in teamwork, communication and organisation are important, as is technical knowledge of production processes, video editing software and equipment.


  • view film and video footage to evaluate and select edits for the final product
  • enter footage into the system for editing; create folders to store and archive video and audio files
  • determine scenes that need to be re-shot
  • pair footage with corresponding sound files
  • work on the soundtrack and add any music or sound effects
  • add titles, text or animation if required
  • supervise the final mix of images with sound
  • plan and organise the preparation and presentation of programs.

To become a Film and Video Editor

Skills employers are looking for

  • Video Editing

  • Editing

  • Adobe Aftereffects

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Music

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