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Write literary works of fiction for publication or performance; research and write non-fiction work for publication.


Authors write and compose stories, scripts, poems, blogs or plays or write works of non-fiction including books on specialised subjects, textbooks, self-help books and cookbooks. The aim of written works is to entertain, inform, provoke thought, and reveal new perspectives.

Work environments are flexible, and can include offices, libraries and their homes. Local and overseas travel may be required when researching information and promoting their work.

Suits imaginative people with advanced skills in writing, grammar, vocabulary and language construction. The ability to conduct in-depth research, structure information, apply different writing styles and ?speak? with different voices is useful.


  • gain inspiration and develop ideas and themes for written works
  • write novels, plays, musicals, screen productions, educational texts, information texts or multimedia products
  • research subject matter through original and secondary materials, interviews and other media
  • plan, organise, write and review material
  • work with editors to improve the work.

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