A Photographer looks through the viewfinder and makes adjustments to the camera settings


Take commercial or artistic photographs using digital or analogue camera technologies.


Photographers photograph people, places, products or events. Common types of commercial photography include portrait, fashion, wildlife, political and event photography as well as food and sports photography. Artistic photographers produce experimental or artistic images for exhibition and sales in galleries.

The location of the photo will vary according to the purpose of the shoot, ranging from studio locations, public or private events to remote locations.

Suits people who are creative and have an eye for colour and composition. Technical knowledge of camera equipment and image making processes is essential.


  • collaborate with clients to design the look and feel of the shoot
  • organise and assemble equipment including tripods, flash apparatus and filters
  • apply knowledge of film based traditional camera and digital cameras
  • manually configure and set aperture, shutter speed and other variables impacted by depth of field, lighting, environment and subject
  • perform post-production processes such as developing film and digitally editing the photographs with specialised software.


  • stressful
  • working outdoors.

Occupation snapshot
Not available
Apprenticeships may be available

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