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Post Office Manager

Oversee the day to day running of a travel agency.


Travel agency managers oversee the operations of a travel agency including the marketing of the business and travel promotions, as well as management of staff, premises and budgets.

Work is at a travel agency.

Suited for those with good customer service and communication skills and an interest in travel and foreign cultures. Knowledge of the international and national regulations around travel and the ability to interact positively with a variety of people are important.


  • determine travel agency products and service standards
  • create purchasing and marketing policies and set prices
  • promote and market agency services
  • sell travel services to customers
  • keep track of product availability (e.g. tour packages)
  • oversee record keeping for financial transactions
  • undertake budgeting
  • hire, train and supervise staff
  • ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.


  • stressful.

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Not available
Apprenticeships may be available

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