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Specialist Managers (not covered elsewhere) includes jobs like Airport Manager, Ambassador, Archbishop, Bishop, Harbour Master, and Security Manager (Non-ICT).


  • plans, organises, directs, controls and co-ordinates the development and implementation of an agencies activities
  • supervises and reviews operations
  • reports on progress to superiors
  • considers strategic issues and makes plans accordingly
  • sets policy for subordinate staff
  • organises meetings and prepares agendas
  • minute-taking and correspondence duties
  • disseminates policy statements and other literature
  • prepares submissions or represents the organisation's interests
  • drafts news releases and deals with the media
  • liaises with government and other organisations
  • controls the organisations finances and may manage reporting staff.


  • requires driving
  • stressful.

To become a Specialist Manager (not covered elsewhere)

Skills employers are looking for

  • Project Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Planning

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Budgeting

  • Building Relationships

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