ICT Manager and male engineer colleague are talking in data centre while running diagnostics.

ICT Manager

Plan, oversee and manage the purchase, integration and maintenance of computer and telecommunication systems within organisations.


ICT managers develop and direct information and communications technology (ICT) strategy within an organisation and make decisions about the ICT systems utilised. They lead teams of ICT specialists to implement their strategies, often requiring the purchase and integration of ICT hardware and software with existing systems.

Work is at the offices and headquarters of businesses and organisations.

Suits those with knowledge in computers, electronics, administration, management, customer service, mathematics and a strong command of the English language. Skills in critical thinking, reading comprehension, active listening and coordination with others will also be useful.


  • analyse information and computing needs within the organisation
  • consult with ICT specialists to specify a technology solution that meets those needs
  • oversee the procurement of ICT systems
  • oversee the installation and integration of ICT resources
  • oversee the rollout of user training
  • direct and manage general ICT operations
  • set priorities across system development, maintenance and operations
  • oversee the security of ICT systems.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
$2,766 / week

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