Hospital administrator discussing hospital business with a female doctor during a staff meeting

Health and Welfare Services Manager

Oversee the professional and administrative aspects of health and welfare programs and services.


Health and welfare services managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a health or welfare centre, facility, service or organisation.

Work is onsite at a public health facility, and some travel can be expected.

Suited to people with strong communication skills who can work well under pressure. Strong administrative and clerical skills are important.


  • provide overall direction and management for the service, facility, organisation or centre
  • develop and implement policies
  • oversee health and welfare programs and clinical services
  • manage budgets and prepare reports for the board of directors
  • recruit, manage and coach staff
  • liaise with other health and welfare providers, district health boards and funding bodies
  • lead public education campaigns about current health issues
  • advise government bodies about measures to improve health and welfare services and facilities
  • represent the organisation in negotiations, and at conventions, public hearings and forums.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
$2,148 / week
Very strong

To become a Health and Welfare Services Manager



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