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Mine Manager

Manage the production activities of mining organisations.


Mining managers plan, oversee and coordinate all mining related production activities including physical and human resources and budgets.

The work is often in an office, with regular travel to mining sites. Evening and weekend work may be required.

Suited for people with skills in leadership and planning who are motivated, organised and reliable. Knowledge of extraction processes and geology is important.


  • determine, implement and monitor production strategies, policies and plans
  • plan production activities in terms of output quality and quantity, cost, time available and labour requirements
  • monitor production output and costs, and adjust processes and resources to minimise costs
  • oversee the acquisition and installation of new plant and equipment
  • prepare production records and reports
  • manage the implementation of occupational health and safety procedures
  • direct staff activities and monitor their performance.


  • stressful.

Occupation snapshot
Not available
Apprenticeships may be available

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